Why Aloha

The concept of business casual is spreading over the world, but there is no clear definition for it.  The consensus is that as long as it looks clean and professional, the business attire does not need to be the traditional set of a suit, white shirt, and tie.

The summer in Japan is as hot as Honolulu.  So, business people in Tokyo should be entitled to wear Aloha shirts as Hawaiians do.  However, it is not realistic for Japanese to ware print pattern Aloha in their work places.  Still, we feel that business attire can be more free than just taking off a tie.

The design concept of Tokyo Aloha is that one can wear in Marunouchi Tokyo, one of the most traditional business districts in Japan, and still looks cool at the beach.  The simple design will look professional in the office.  Hints of Aloha in details gives the feel and cool of the Pacific islands.

The cotton/linen fabric is light and highly breathable.  It absorbs moisture well while dries quickly.  It is a perfect material for hot and humid Japanese summers.  Hawaiian Aloha shirts was originated from a shirt made by Japanese Yukata fabric.  Tokyo Aloha is a remade Aloha that is designed for business people in metropolitan cities.

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