Our Cost

The cost of making a Tokyo Aloha shirt is 5,250JPY.  When we use the kind of high quality fabric and pay a fair price to a Japanese sewing factory, this is the cost of our shirt.  If we use a less quality fabric and made it overseas, the cost can be less than a half.  But, we believe that there are qualities that do not show in numbers  Moreover, our objective is to deliver made in Japan high quality clothes to the world.

If an internationally known brand sells similar quality shirts as Tokyo Aloha, it would cost more than 20,000JPY.  You can find similar but less quality shirts for over 10,000JPY in the market place.  By eliminating middle margins, advertisement, and hefty overhead costs, we offer a price that is competitive to less quality shirts by nationally known brands while absorbing the cost differences of labor and materials.

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