Friday Best

Material: Cotton 67%, Hemp 33%

Made in Japan (Gifu Pref.)

You can wear this shirt for work in Marunouchi Tokyo, one of the most traditional business district in Japan, and still will look cool at a beach party.

The fabric is made with Herdmans linen; the brand established in 1835.  Known for its high quality, it is highly breathable, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly.  Perfect for Japanese summer.  This high quality fabric alone costs more than 2,500 JPY per shirt.

The production is done in Gifu prefecture, one of traditional sewing district in Japan.  This made in Japan product differs from now ubiquitous large-lot short-life attires.  We pay 2,500 JPY for each shirt to the family-owned sewing company.   After other materials, packaging shipping and fees, our margin is about 1500 JPY.  By the production and sales of this shirts, we try to make peace with consumers, sellers, and manufacturers.

Slim fit with a tapered waist makes good style in both tack-in and tack-out.  60% length sleeve with aloha design inside.  It is a business casual attire with a sense of island resort for cool working men.

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