Our Purpose

It is reported that only 3% of clothes worn in Japan are made in Japan.  The reason why clothes are not made in Japan anymore is the cost.  Obviously, it cost more to make in Japan than do so in developing countries.  But by how much?  In the case of our shirts, it turned out that the labor cost to sew a shirt was less than a half in developing countries.  In addition, there we can find fabrics, which is similar by spec numbers, also by half the price. 

If we wanted, we could reduce the cost of making the shirts by less than a half, saving about 2,800 JPY.  However, we believe that there are qualities that do not show in numbers.

Current trend in apparel industry has been to make similar design clothes in large quantities in low labor-cost countries.  This trend is fueled by our shopping behavior that consumers search the lowest possible products online.  To a certain degree, it is an inevitable competition.  We feel, however, that it went too far and causing unhealthy business practices.  We want to offer an alternative to both consumers and manufacturers. 

As a company, we do not look for growth.  We aim to demonstrate a model of a business for sustainable economy.  Also, by using the business we want to show to the world the craftsmanship of Japan’s garments making.  In our business processes, we strive for efficiency to eliminate unnecessary cost.  Yet, we make sure that we pay fair fees to our factories. 

We hope that our business brings happiness to all involved; customers, suppliers and ourselves. 

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