Our Purpose

Fashion in business can be more diverse, especially in metropolitan cities where people from different cultures work together.  The business life in urban cities has gotten too fast and too strained.  Pae‘ Aina wish to be a brand to remind you that it is okay to slow down from time to time.  Fashion reflects one’s inside.  Tokyo Aloha reminds you a spirit of Aloha.

At the same time, we want to spread to the world the craftsmanship of made in Japan garments, which is under attack by low cost large scale manufacturers in developing countries.

What is business casual?

Where and how it started?

The history and definition of business casual.

Why Aloha?

In case you didn't know Japanese summers are really hot.

Summers in Japan are much hotter than Paris or New York.  They are even hotter than Bermuda or Fiji, where people wear shorts and alohas as business attire.  ​In fact, Japanese summers are as hot as Honolulu.

Honolulu's summers aren't as brutal as Japan's thanks to the breeze and lower humidity.

By the way, the origin of Hawaiian Aloha shirts was said to be a western style shirts made from Japanese Yukata (kimono) fabric. 

Our Cost

In the traditional apparel business practice in Japan, by the time garments are put on a shelf, their prices are 4 to 5 times more than the cost of making the products.  The long distribution route and overhead of makers and department stores add costs.  Moreover, products are made in large quantities to lower the unit cost, which will require some safety measures for leftovers.  In short, there are inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.  In order to break the old habits and revive Japanese apparel industry, we will disclose the cost of making our Tokyo Aloha.


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